Coaching Success


Since I was 16 Years I have worked as a sailing coach. It all started with the training of Optimist and Laser sailors for several national associations in Germany.
Parallel to my own sailing career I have worked in the '90s as German youth coach for the Tornado class. And I was able to inspire the sailing talent Johannes Polgar, who qualified for the Olympic Games 2008.
In the period from 2001 to 2003 I have supervised full-time as head coach of the German Sailing Federation the 49er and Tornado classes. And searched young talents, trained and built up fundamentally. The Brothers Peckolt, won sensationally the 2008 bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Qingdao / China. In a very short time they went from young talents to a medal winning team. 
Among the most successful athletes with I had in my training group:
- Markus Baur and Max Groy (European champion, runner-up)
- Hannes & Pit Peckolt (2008 Olympic bronze)
- Johannes Polgar (2008 Olympics Qingdao 7th place)
In 1997, I perfected the sail-sparring and established a training team with sailors from Australia, Austria, Greece and Great Britain. This training team has won a total of 12 Worldchampion Titles, three Olympic medals and many other championships. This record is surely unique in international sailing.
- Darren Bundock & John Forbes (4 times World Champion, Olympic Silver x 1)
- Darren Bundock & Glenn Ashby (3 x World Champion, Olympic Silver x 1)
- Jordanis Paschalides & Kostas Trogonis (1 x World, 3 x European Champion)
- Andreas Hagara and Wolfgang Moser (European Champion)
- Leigh McMillan & Will Howden (Vice World Champion)