Self-Coaching & Coaching Experts
There are many people give a lot of different advice. Sometimes a young sailors does not know what is right or wrong.
But there is a way how to get through as best and get the information to myself at the end to take the helm. Because in the end you have to decide where to go.
Your personality can develop the most when you teach you a good self-management and coaching.
In sailing you have to act to win. Who is constantly responding to late and will never take over the lead.
At the end, the most successful athletes are the one who act independently. It is the right combination of self-and expert coaching to get the ideal way.

I can explain and describe you the way how to reach this goal. The following topics, these include:
- Self-Management
- Improve yourself continuously on its own
- Optimal use of talent and synchronize with the team
- Consistently learn from your mistakes
- Improve strengths compensate for weaknesses
- Use expert coaching
- Best timing for expert coaching
- Time and Priority Management